Stock & Trace helps you eliminate the headache of audit preparation. With its full traceability feature you can give secure access to your auditors to do their prep work before they get on site.


  • Flexibility to utilize any inventory costing system – LIFO, FIFO, Exp Date, etc.
  • Ability to hold the same part at different prices.
  • Give read only access to your CPA and auditors to do inventory analysis prior to your audit.
  • Create customized reports.
  • Take a complete inventory snapshot of your operation at any date in history to resolve discrepancies.
  • Easily invoice your customer for any additional work with our “Add Extra Charge” button found on every screen.
  • Easily interface with your existing ERP (SAP, ORACLE, etc.) or Accounting software(Quickbooks).
  • 3PL billing module - simplified billing system that creates invoice as charges are accumulated throughout the month.
  • Unlike the competition we believe that your data is yours to keep. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with Stock & Trace, but if you ever decide to leave you can take your data with you.