Stock & trace eliminates human error by automatically creating shipping documents for you. Check real time status of all open orders and prioritize the workflow for your team through the warehouse dashboard.


  • Warehouse dashboard gives complete visibility on the priority and status of all orders including who is working what order and what step they are at in the process.
  • FedEx/UPS integration – automatic shipping label creation, package tracking, shipment notifications.
  • Manage your warehouse remotely via your smartphone.
  • Format custom shipping documents based on customer and destination.
  • Automated shipping document generation that eliminates errors and saves you time.
  • Provide your customers with a detailed electronic packing slip so which pallet in the shipment contains their ‘hot’ parts.
  • Automatically send shipping notifications and documents internally and to your customer. Rest assured with our automatic email bounce back notifications.
  • Easily add photos of damaged product and properly secure loads via your smartphone.