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Image - 3PL con Stock&Trace

3PL / Third Party Logistics

A 3PL company not only needs to keep track of the stored product, but also to add value to it for each of its customers. To accomplish that, in Stock&Trace we have the necessary tools to manage a reliable inventory, and the flexibility to incorporate the guidelines of different clients into a single system without issue.

Our features that a 3PL can benefit from include:

  • Manage the SKUs for each supplier, allowing them to check their own stock by using the flexible access permission system.

  • Meet the assortment sequence requested by the client: FIFO, LIFO, by expiration date and others.

  • Generate billing reports with maneuver charges, storage or any additional costs, with the possibility to apply different profiles to different customers.

  • Keep your clients up to date using automated notifications or even providing limited query access.

  • Keep track of all the associated documentation attached to each receipt and shipments


Image - 3PL company
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