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Automate the creation of shipping orders from your Shopify store and inspire confidence in your customers 

Discover S&T - Shipping Order Creator, the application that simplifies the management of your Shopify store and your shipping order processes with Stock&Trace. With this automated tool, efficiently connect both platforms to optimize your supply chain.

The automatic synchronization between your online store and your inventory in Stock&Trace allows you to generate shipping orders with precision in a matter of seconds. No more manual errors or product catalog confusion.

Maintain control of your product catalog on both platforms. With S&T - Order Creator, you can update your catalog to ensure that products are available and ready to be smoothly shipped to your customers. Efficiency is the key to a hassle-free shopping experience.

To know more about the app capabilities and instructions, please consult the usage guide.  

For the application's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, please refer here.

Optimize your order preparation process now.
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