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Maintain order in your warehouse operations with Stock&Trace, enabling seamless integration among individuals, companies, and other systems.

We provide solutions tailored to your needs

Our system not only simplifies inventory management but also seamlessly integrates with your current or third-party systems, creating a cohesive and efficient ecosystem for your operations.

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RESTful API Automation

Access Stock&Trace functionalities in real-time from any other system; automate order creation, check your inventory, and perform many other essential functions with our versatile APIs. Reduce manual work and minimize errors, enabling smoother operations.


EDI integrations

Integrate Stock&Trace with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for streamlined communication and seamless transactions. Experience faster order processing, reduced errors, and improved visibility across your supply chain. Boost efficiency and competitiveness


Real-time Webhooks

Stay informed about every crucial movement in your warehouse. Our webhooks will instantly notify you about important events such as order receipt or shipment, location changes, among others; allowing for quick responses to contingencies and issues.


Communication via CSVs

Even if you don't have a team of developers or your platform can't connect via API, we can assist you in developing intermediary applications for manual CSV file uploads, enabling you to manage inputs and outputs in Stock&Trace.

With Stock & Trace, integration goes beyond simple system connection. We offer a solution that adapts to your operation, providing the flexibility to work with your current systems or integrate new third-party systems. Our platform not only integrates but enhances your existing infrastructure, paving the way for superior warehouse management. 

Discover our ready-to-install connectors

Explore our integration process

To ensure a successful integration, our team of professionals will guide your team through the following stages:

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