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Stock & Trace Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers robust support for sending and receiving Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages, streamlining your supply chain communication.

EDI facilitates electronic transactions, allowing for a fast, accurate, and efficient exchange of standard business documents between partners.

Comprehensive EDI Message Support

Our WMS is equipped to handle a wide array of EDI messages, including:


  • EDI 850 Purchase Order - Automate your purchase order transactions, ensuring that order details are communicated clearly and promptly.

  • EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice - Keep your partners informed with detailed shipment notifications, enhancing coordination and planning.

Flexible Protocols for Any Partner Requirement

We understand that businesses and their partners have diverse needs. That's why Stock & Trace WMS is designed to operate with various EDI transmission protocols, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. These include:


  • Web-Based EDI - Utilize internet-based EDI for an accessible and cost-effective communication method.

  • SFTP/FTP/FTPS - Direct and secure file transfer capabilities for exchanging data with partners.

  • Value Added Network (VAN) - Secure and reliable EDI transmission (this requires to enable an integration through a third-party acting as a bridge).


Automated Synchronization for Efficiency

Integrating Stock & Trace WMS with your EDI system results in a fully automated process. This automation ensures that your inventory levels and orders are always in sync with your other systems, eliminating manual data entry, reducing errors, and saving valuable time.


With Stock & Trace WMS, you can trust that your warehouse operations will be connected, synchronized, and optimized for peak performance.


Total Transaction Visibility

Additionally, Stock & Trace WMS provides a dedicated interface that offers complete visibility into the status of each transaction and all associated messages. This status display allows users to monitor the EDI communication flow in real-time, ensuring they can track, verify, and confirm every action taken within the system. This critical functionality ensures total transparency and control over the entire lifecycle of your EDI transactions, allowing you to manage your supply chain with confidence and precision.

Do you need a custom integration or connecting to another system? 

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