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Enhance the precision of your packaging supply chain and efficiently manage your materials inventory. Ensure dependable deliveries to your producers and monitor product usage effectively using the features provided by Stock&Trace.


In the agricultural production lifecycle, proper handling of packaging materials is crucial for business success and customer satisfaction. However, a lack of visibility and poor inventory management can lead to errors that affect production development. These errors may include product shortages or excesses, material losses, order inaccuracies, and operational inefficiencies, which can pose significant challenges to rectify.


  • Keep your team and producers informed about each material order through our automated email notification system. Send messages, photographic evidence, and necessary documents to facilitate effective communication among all stakeholders.

  • Monitor the traceability of each order meticulously, tailoring tracking methods to your business requirements, whether by serial numbers, lots, or labels. This ensures you stay informed of every movement and can address any issues or inconveniences promptly.

  • Access inventory information conveniently and flexibly. Utilize our system to generate personalized, automated reports that streamline operations and empower informed decision-making without reliance on external sources, maximizing the utility of our report builder tool.

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