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Fulfillment and distribution

The challenges of the companies that deliver their products to their customers are increasingly complex, response and delivery times have been reduced, which means being more efficient so as not to increase operating costs. Stock&Trace has developed modules specifically designed to make the distribution process easier to operate and with the necessary checks to avoid errors.


Here are some features that will help you improve your distribution process:

  • Enforce your pick & pack process and guarantee the right distribution of your products using our validation system and shipment verification. 

  • Track your product by serial numbers or batches from receipt, inventory and delivery to the end user.

  • Setup assortment and replenishment locations so you can speed up your order preparation process.

  • Connect your ERP or e-commerce with our integration service to save time and minimize capture errors.

  • Build automated notifications to let your team or customers know about the different activities that have been done with the product.

Image - Fulfillment company
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