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Understanding S&T - Shipping Order Creator


Shopify is an user-friendly e-commerce platform that simplifies the creation and management of online stores. It provides customizable templates, payment processing, marketing tools, and seamless integrations, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes to effortlessly sell products or services online. S&T - Shipping Order Creator enables you to integrate your Stock&Trace instance with your shop.

It provides these services:

  • Map products to part numbers (multi-warehouse supported)

  • Trigger auto shipping orders after checkout in online store

  • Troubleshoot shipping order creation



We want to make sure you have a clear grasp of what S&T - Shipping Order Creator can and cannot do. Please take note of the following:


  1. One Shop, One Setup
    Each shop can have only one instance set up at a time. If you want to connect S&T - Shipping Order Creator to a different S&T instance, you'll need to adjust your setup. This limitation ensures a stable integration and prevents accidental shipping order errors.

  2. API Tokens and Manual Updates
    API tokens are generated within your S&T instance before setup. These tokens must be set manually and won't update automatically. It's your responsibility to ensure that your API token remains active.

  3. Warehouse and Part Number Updates
    S&T - Shipping Order Creator does not support automatic tracking of updates to warehouses and part numbers. You must keep your setup and product mappings current and up-to-date.

  4. Manual Product Mapping Updates
    Product mappings, linking products to part numbers and warehouses, do not update automatically. You must periodically review and update these mappings as needed.

  5. Fixed Shipping Order Status
    All shipping orders created will have an "Open" status.

  6. Editing Shipping Orders in S&T
    Please note that any edits or changes to created shipping orders should be made within the S&T system, not through Shopify.

  7. Shipping Order Tracking in Your S&T Instance
    Tracking and managing created shipping orders are supported only within the S&T instance that you've set up.

  8. No Management of Shopify Shipping Labels
    It's important to highlight that, as of now, S&T - Shipping Order Creator does not manage shipping labels purchased in Shopify. We do not have the capability to obtain shipping labels from Shopify's API.

  9. No Management of Shopify Fulfillment Orders
    Additionally, please be aware that S&T - Shipping Order Creator does not manage Shopify fulfillment orders. This functionality falls outside the scope of the current workflow.



The workflow is simple:


  1. Create the initial setup

  2. Mapping Shopify products to the part numbers in Stock&Trace

  3. Create shipping orders

  4. Troubleshoot shipping order creation

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ▹ Workflow

Initial setup

Pre requirements

  1. Create an API token in Stock&Trace with Edit permissions; otherwise, shipping orders cannot be created.


1. Inside the Shopify shop, under Apps, click S&T - Shipping Order Creator.

a. If it's not installed yet, press the option to go to the app store and install the application.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ▹Initial setup

​b. If it is already installed, just enter the app which should redirect to the setup page.


2. Within the setup form, enter the name of the instance that appears in the URL of your Stock&Trace domain, and the previously created API Token.

3. Click on Validate credentials, so that the API Token is validated. 


4. Once the API token has been validated, select one or more warehouses from the list that will be displayed. This will allow you to assign products from your online store to active Stock&Trace part numbers in the selected warehouses. 

5. Finally, click Save settings

▸Assign products to part numbers​

Map products from your store to Stock&Trace part numbers

Pre requirements

1. Do the initial setup so your Shopify store is connected with your Stock&Trace instance.

2. Verify that the part numbers to be assigned from your Stock&Trace instance to the store, are active in the warehouses selected in the setup.

a. Go to Stock&Trace → Setup → Partmaster → Partmaster.

b. Click on the part number to verify, and in the Active tab all the warehouses will appear, those that are marked will be the active ones.

c. If the part number is not active in the warehouses, edit the part number. 


1. Inside the Shopify store, in the left navigation panel, click Products.

2. Check the boxes of the products to be assigned.

3. In the Edit menu, click on the more actions button.

4. In the more actions menu, go to the Apps area and click  the option with the Stock&Trace icon of Map to part number. 


5. A new table will load, in the Select a part number column. Click the search field and enter a part number name. Each option will display the following part number data:

- Part number

- Part number description

- Warehouse code


6. Select the part number and warehouse that will be assigned to the product, and click the Assign button. Finally confirm the action. 

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ▹Automatic generation of Shipping Orders​

Automatic generation of Shipping Orders

During the installation of the application, the Shipping Order automation functionality is incorporated into the online store checkout process. From then on, when customers complete the checkout process, the automatic checkout functionality will be activated.

How does it work? 

1. During checkout, the customer will provide shipping information and proceed to make the payment.
2. Shopify will process the order.
3. Once the order has been confirmed, the automatic shipping order functionality will be activated.
4. S&T - Shipping Order Creator will take the part numbers and warehouses assigned to the products in the order and ask your Stock&Trace instance to create the shipping order. An open status shipping order will be generated for each purchase.


- If an attempt is made to generate an shipping order with products that are not assigned a part number, the order will not be created and will appear as an error in the Orders tab of the application setup.
- S&T - Shipping Order Creator does not check token permissions. Make sure the API token you provided has editing permissions, otherwise the request to create output orders will fail.
- The number of shipping orders created per Shopify purchase  is not configurable and will depend on the part number assigned to each product.

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ▹Handling orders with error​

Handling shipping orders with error​

Enter the initial configuration screen to open the Orders tab, where you can access a list of the shipping orders created in Stock&Trace. The list will contain the following information:

- Order: The Shopify order

- Products: List of products that would appear in the shipping order

- Errors: Errors found while creating shipping orders

- Warehouses: List of warehouses that should have appeared in the shipping orders

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