Warehouse 3PL Management

Build your customer invoice throughout the month with our intuitive 3PL/Warehouse billing module. Stock & Trace helps you more efficiently manage your warehouse so you can focus on growing your business.


  • Manage your warehouse from anywhere with our smartphone compatible warehouse dashboard.
  • System generated unique receipt code and short code for every item to ensure complete traceability.
  • Take a complete inventory snapshot of your entire inventory at any time in history to resolve any discrepancies.
  • Detailed transaction history for every action on every part (user, time, action details, etc).
  • Stay in the loop with automatic email notifications. Easily configure email notification groups so you only get the emails you really want to see.
  • Automated cycle count feature allows your team to count your complete inventory over the course of the year to avoid a year end shut down for a physical inventory.
  • 3PL billing module - simplified billing system that creates invoice as charges are accumulated throughout the month.
  • Yard management – Stock & Trace can be configured to be used for yard management.
  • VMI management – Stock & Trace can be configured to automatically detect reorder points and send automatic reorder notifications.
  • Unlike the competition we believe that your data is yours to keep. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with Stock & Trace, but if you ever decide to leave you can take your data with you.
  • Custom labeling.
    • Use customer serial number or your reference number on labels.
    • Smart labeling – print as many labels as you want and do not worry about the extras. Stock & Trace knows that only labels that have been barcoded are active.
    • Label your product at either the pallet or box level, can change at a later point with Stock & Trace split/combine label feature. Transaction history automatically maintained for the entire life of the part.
    • Receipt and short codes are unique for traceability but also easy to communicate internally.