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Manage your warehouse in real time with a fully customizable cloud WMS 

Integrate Stock&Trace into your operation and unleash the potential of your logistics business

Stock & Trace

Optimize your logistics plan with the benefits that make
Stock&Trace the right WMS for you

Icon - Custom system
Customize it to your
business needs

Stock&Trace is a web based WMS that can be adapted to each stage of your logistic process.  


  • Manage all the warehouses and locations you need.

  • Manage your product catalog with the details required for each SKU.

  • Grant the exact permissions needed to your employees, suppliers and customers to access the system.

  • Setup the custom fields in your receive, shipping and inventory processes.

Icon - Training and support
Get training and support according
your necessities

We strive to understand the unique characteristics of your business and the challenges it faces in order to provide a tailored and accessible training plan and learning materials.  


Additionally, by getting to know your needs, we are better equipped to tackle your technical support queries more effectively. This involves finding the source of the issue, which allows us to provide the optimal solution.

Icon - API Integrations
Share information between

If you need to integrate other systems with our WMS via APIs, EDI, or other communication channels, Stock&Trace can accommodate. For more complex scenarios that are not covered by default, we can create a custom workflow that works for you.


Additionally, pulling your data from our system is simple with the use of our report builder, so you won't have to worry about roadblocks when moving your data from Stock&Trace to other systems. 

Real time traceability

Visualize the status of your product, from its arrival to your warehouses until it is sent to the end customer. Stock&Trace guarantees traceability for each managed item through the use of unique identifiers and (optional) serialized inventory, while offering a wide range of reports that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Image - Screenshot traceability

We have the ideal solution for your business’ type

Image - 3PL Use case

3PL / Third Party Logistics

A 3PL company not only needs to keep track of the stored product, but also to add value to it for each of its customers. To accomplish that, in Stock&Trace we have the necessary tools to manage a reliable inventory, and the flexibility to incorporate the guidelines of different clients into a single system without issue. 

Fulfillment and distribution

The challenges of the companies that deliver their products to their customers are increasingly complex, response and delivery times have been reduced, which means being more efficient so as not to increase operating costs. Stock&Trace has developed modules specifically designed to make the distribution process easier to operate and with the necessary checks to avoid errors. 

Image - Fulfillment Use case
Image - Manufacturing Use case


The manufacturing process presents unique warehousing challenges, due to the need to manage both raw materials and finished products. Stock&Trace makes it easier to carry out this operation while increasing visibility into what is happening in each warehouse and process. This enables businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data.


n the lifecycle of agricultural production, proper handling of packaging material is crucial for business success and customer satisfaction. Lack of visibility and poor inventory management can result in errors that affect proper production development. With Stock&Trace, improve accuracy in packaging supply and efficiently manage your inventory of materials.

Control your warehouse and grow your business

Contact us and
Let's build together a plan for you

Pay only what you need, no more, no less.

Through a detailed analysis we can adjust a tailored plan

of your needs.

All our plans have the following benefits:

  • Unlimited amount of warehouses

  • Customizable labels for your receipts

  • Inventories by FIFO, by lot, series or by expiration

  • Detailed traceability of all your operations

  • Advanced reporter (build and send your reports)

  • Cycle count recording

  • Cloud system with high security and backups

  • Access from desktop and mobile (with scanner)

  • Annex of photos and documents in receipts and outputs

  • Automated email notifications

  • Concurrent write users

  • Unlimited reading users

  • Access to exclusive version for training

We also have the
following advanced features on demand:

  • Integration with other systems through API's

  • Custom developments (Add On's)

  • Additional fields configure

  • Custom Menus for different users

  • Activation of access through Single Sign-On

  • Design of Business Intelligence dashboards

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