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Privacy Policy for Stock & Trace Looker Connector by Sperantus

Last updated: May 23, 2023

This privacy policy ("Policy") describes how Sperantus collects, uses, and protects the personal information of users of the Stock & Trace Looker Studio connector software ("Connector").


  1. Information collected
    The Connector collects the following user information:
    - Stock & Trace username and password
    - Stock & Trace user path
    No other personal information is requested or stored by Sperantus. The username, password, and domain of the Stock & Trace user path are requested solely for the Connector to generate the authentication token required to access Stock & Trace data. These credentials are securely stored by the Looker Studio platform and not by Sperantus. Sperantus does not store or share any of the user’s Google account information or data.

  2. Use of information
    The Connector will use the provided credentials to request the necessary information from Stock & Trace and use it in the reports that the user wishes to generate. The results of such reports will be stored temporarily in Looker Studio  so they can be visualized. The user’s credentials and Google account information will not be shared with third parties or with other clients. Sperantus does not access or use this information for any purpose other than providing the Connector service.

  3. Responsibility for shared information
    The manner in which the user shares the reports generated with the Connector, and their potentially private information, is not the responsibility of Sperantus. Users should be aware that any information shared through these reports is their responsibility and not that of Sperantus.

  4. Contact
    If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or the use of the Connector, please contact us at

  5. Data usage disclosure
    1. Sperantus does not use or transfer any data received from Google APIs for any other purpose but the intended functionality within the Connector.
    2. All user data obtained through Google APIs is used solely for the intended features within the Connector and is not stored or shared elsewhere.

    3. This privacy policy strictly adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy, ensuring that your data is handled in accordance with Google’s guidelines.


We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes will take effect immediately upon their posting on our website. We recommend that you review this Privacy Policy periodically to be informed about our privacy practices.

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